The moment you get engaged to that special someone, it’s a memory you’ll cherish forever. I tell all my clients that it’s always a special time to have an engagement session done to document your engagement. It can be a nervous time for anyone, especially those of us who aren’t used to being in front of a camera, but the reward of having these photos is worth it.

Here are some reasons why having an engagement session done is important:


1.It allows you to get familiarized with your photographer. You don't want to be stuck with a photographer for 6-8 hours on your wedding day and have them feel like a stranger. It should feel like a fun day with a friend and having an engagement session breaks the ice and starts building that professional relationship.


2. Most of us don't get photographed on a daily basis and meeting with your photographer will make a huge difference in building that comfort.  Sometimes we are shy and don't know what to do, but having a session prior to your wedding day will remind you that it is actually very easy. When it comes time for your wedding photos you’ll remember already having your engagement photos taken and think, “oh! I've done this before; it’s not so scary.” You’ll wonder what made you so worried in the first place.


3. Having an engagement session lets you see the photographer’s style of work. Some people like to pose and others like a more traditional style. To make sure your needs are met, doing an engagement session will allow you to see their style and decipher whether you truly want to work with them. We don’t want to shoot a wedding and have you not be in love with your photos.  Your engagement session gives you a taste of our photography skills and whether they match your ideal images.


4. Finally, an engagement session allows you guys to get to do so many fun photos! You can incorporate things you both enjoy doing and it’s a great bonding experience. We all love having professional photos. You can use them for invitations, thank you cards, or even the guest book for the wedding. So really, who wouldn't want more photos to show our friends and family?

Interested in booking your engagement session for the spring? Reach out for a consultation today and schedule now to ensure you get your time preference.