I can talk about nontraditional wedding venues six ways to Sunday. When you're a nontraditional nearlywed on a budget, you learn to get creative when it comes to finding the right wedding venue.

Chris and Cassie's wedding is not only the perfect example that you can have a classy wedding at a bar, but the benefit of leaning into a nontraditional wedding venue. The couple kept things classy and simple with minimum decor so the beauty of the nontraditional wedding venue could do the heavy lifting. The black tie attire complemented the bar's 1920's Art Deco design, plus the beautiful balloon arch and Cassie's dried flower bouquet packed a simple yet soft statement. And OMG, Chris' sharp white blazer and Cassie's silky wedding dress?! Ok, I'm gonna shut up now so we can just look at these gorgeous photos.

What's a classy wedding without a pre-ceremony cocktail at the bar?

this stunning nontraditional wedding venue is a cocktail bar.