Most of us have one or a few little furry friends in our lives. Within the past two decades, pets have become the pillars of a happy home. And now that you are about to share your life with another person shouldn’t your beloved pet also be involved in the celebrations? 

If you’re thinking about whether you should include your pooch in your wedding day plans, the answer is hell yes! Your wedding should be an event that includes everyone you love the most, so as a dog lover, you must have your pet at the ceremony! This is why today I’m sharing some dog-related wedding info and tips with you. 

There are many ways that you can incorporate your dog in your wedding, from including him in your photos to having them be the all-important ring bearer and much more. So, now let’s take a look at those ideas together!

Be realistic

– everything depends on your dog's behavior, so take that as your starting point. Before we delve deeper into the subject, think about how your dog may impact your wedding; if your pet is filled with energy, this might lead to an awkward situation with guests or between you and your partner. As much as you may want your furry family member to be part of the ceremonies, you need to be aware that you may feel "on edge" due to the presence of your pet. If you’d rather not have this potential pressure on the big day, then it might be better to leave your dog behind.

Get the dog in your photos

if you opt to have your dog in your wedding day festivities, why not include them in all the activities? After all, your canine is such an important part of your life, why not have them included in your wedding photography? Once you’re done with the ceremony and your guests are escorted to the reception area, sneak in about 20 minutes with your partner and pet and make the most of this time. Grab your photographer and tell him to go rogue! You’ll end up having the most incredible wedding photography session, filled with love, hugs, and of course, your beloved dog!

is is a great place for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.

Check with your guests

this is one of the most important parts of the planning process. You need to consider whether any of your guests suffer from dog allergies, and also consider how attendees may feel about having an animal potentially running around and under the tables. So, instead of surprising them with the presence of your dog on the day, make sure to check with them and let them know what’s happening beforehand. This point is a key factor in deciding whether you want to include your dog in your wedding or not.


after you ask the guests and consider your dog’s personality, it is time to turn to your venue. Is your wedding location a pet-friendly establishment? If not, obviously you’ll have to abandon your plans of bringing your pooch – or opt for another venue. These are some questions you need to ask before bringing your pet to your wedding.


Even though this idea might weird you out a little bit, it is not such a bad one. Hiring a sitter to look after your dog while you’re getting married is actually a fantastic option. This will ensure that your pet is taken care of, pampered, and happy without having to lift a finger. If your dog will be a part of your wedding day, having some form of backup, like a sitter, is an excellent idea. You can't assume that one of your guests will take it upon themselves to watch him for the entire day - unless they volunteer beforehand for this task, of course. So, make sure to add a sitter to your wedding plans; it could save you a lot of trouble, while still enabling you to have your dog as part of your wedding photography session.

Your dog – at the end of the day, we are talking about including your dog in your wedding, and you know him the best! Is your pet an obedient one? Does he carefully follow commands? If this is the case, you should not have any issues adding your pooch to your wedding day plans, even your ceremony. But, on the other hand, if your dog is temperamental, you might want to consider leaving them at home.

Another important factor is also your pet’s coping mechanism and personality. Not all dogs can face great crowds, and that includes your wedding. If you think that it can be challenging for your pooch to join, you can test it with a few of your friends. See how they behave in their presence – if everything is well, you can easily bring your fur baby along.

Also, you’ll need to ensure that if the celebrations are getting too much for your pet, the sitter is happy to take them home - if he becomes too intense around your guests, it could disrupt your big day. So it is good to have a plan in place, just in case.

Your pet is such an important part of your life, so why not consider including your dog in your wedding? In this blog post, I’ve provided some excellent reasons why you should include your furry friend and what to expect if you do. I hope the odds of the dog being involved are in his favor! After all, what’s more dope than having your best friend attend the biggest celebration of your life?

If you are looking for a photographer to help capture the essence of you and your partner (and definitely your dog) on your wedding, feel free to get in touch with me. I would be delighted to be your photographer and capture the happiest day of your and your dog’s life!