Love doesn't cost a thing or does it?

A gal dreams of her wedding day to be perfect, whether a massive royal-esque style or a humble hobbit court, either way it is a momentous day and since childhood planning, years and years of it, it is sure to be perfect. In this case it was planned by Tara, and her husband-to be Brad, at one of their favorite locations, the Vyzcaya Museum and Garden.


It was supposed to be rather simple, and affordable. It had been a destination wedding so she had searched up a Miami wedding photographer that is within their budget. That is when they contacted me, with Lightsky Photography. I arrived first at the Vyzcaya, awaited the bride and groom in the far back, where we would have not been interrupting or have been interrupted. Tara arrived and had been greeted quite harshly from the front desk, told she could not have her bouquet or any props for her photoshoot, and was then charged a fee for using their grounds. This had thrown Tara in a loop,  she pushed through and paid the fee.


As we settle down, I begin to work with Brad, tossing in some jokes to relieve the tension. We began the wedding photography as things smoothed over in the beginning of the ceremony, but midway security drops in like a bomb to tell Tara the flowers she had snuck in aren’t allowed. He realizes it had been more than a photoshoot and was a mini ceremony. He then tells them to completely halt their nuptial. Could you imagine trying to tie the knot in a simple way, with nothing but your partner and parents, and then being interrupted in such a way? I pleaded to let us finish, as it would only be at most 10 minutes. He couldn’t sway and we were then informed it’d be over 2K, for them to be married there. It should be noted that Tara was also pregnant at the time and with all this going on, all she could do at the time was break down.


hey had wanted to keep things on a strict budget, but management had began to threaten to kick us out, although Tara’s parents affirmed that they would pay. If they could just allow them to finish. However, management had no regards to it and said they’d call the law enforcement, if the fee had not been paid then and there. Let me tell you, not all heroes wear capes and are this muscular handsome guy, they come in the form of Tara’s grandpa, a frail 89 year old who could barely walk. Who took it upon himself, to walk all the way to the front (again this poor management had no regards) and pay the fee.


Finally after about 30 mins, we were able to get Tara and Brad to tie the knot. Though they had gone above their budget, a lot of the time was spent on unimportant matters and tears were shed, we had been able to gather ourselves, laugh about it in the end, and as one of the best photographers in Florida, I was able to capture it all and create their memories to last lifetimes that are priceless.

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