Courthouse to Courtyard Wedding

They had wanted to keep things very simple and in turn decided to get married at the court house. The groom, Travis, arrived first, allowing me to capture the bond between him and his family, not soon after, Travis leaves to go to the courthouse to await his bride as I capture the essence of the beauty Travis sees in her. 


As Collen and I enter the courthouse we see Travis at the end of the hall, all sorts of panic-stricken. He walks up the hall and says, “I lost my ID last night”. Now, you can’t get married without some form of ID, so instantly I went into panic mode as well. It seemed to be one of those bad to worse situations, as they were trying to figure out what to do, come to find out his passport had expired as well. 
Colleen has been distraught but these things happen sometimes and love is something of an unstoppable force and with a little improv added with the blessing of a true friend, they were able to tie the knot. The groomsmen took off to get their home ready and I chose the best location for the photos.   


The setting was a lot more intimate in which we were able to get their furry babies to be part of a momentous event. The day was B-E-A-utiful, and with determination, dedication and overall LOVE, we successfully wed the pair and captured it all. 

  In the end, I exclaimed “Let’s jump in the pool! Let’s finish it with a BIG BANG!” Which otherwise, wouldn’t have been able to happen in a courthouse, and just like that, Travis and Colleen jumped all in, together.